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Chiropractor In Victoria For Back Pain

    The role played by complementary medicine has continued to draw greater interest due to the high levels of achieved efficiency. A chiropractor in Victoria for back pain will carefully identify and address it. Here are the reasons why you should consider going for one as opposed to the conventional treatment. The proprioceptive continued […]

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How to Relieve Stress – Relax Away Back Pain with Music

People today have more stress than they can handle. Even those who think they’re doing a great job keeping their head above water are prime candidates for stress-related conditions to strike. These conditions could include the more obvious, like tension headaches, heart attacks and depression to less obvious ones like indigestion and lower back pain. […]

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Nutrition and Back Pain – Shake Your Way to Better Health

When I told my husband that I wanted to move out of the city he looked at me like I had grown an extra head from each shoulder. He grew up in the city and had never known any other kind of life. However, I was a mountain girl. I grew up running barefoot from […]

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How Aging Affects Our Bodies – Turning 40 is a Pain in the Back

The year 2012 brought some changes to my life, the most monumental of them all being my fortieth birthday just a few months into the calendar. Although some people dread this milestone birthday, I faced mine with a positive attitude. I was positive that if I was going to have to turn forty, then I […]

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The Relationship between Weight and Back Pain – 5 Sneaky Reasons You Pack on Extra Pounds

Weight gain is one of the primary reasons why people suffer from back pain. As our diets grow unhealthier with convenient, deep fried foods served in ginormous portions, the pounds keep creeping on. Even for someone who bikes the Victoria area of Vancouver Island every day, keeping those unwanted pounds off can prove a daunting […]

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Downward Facing iPad – 3 Tips for Relieving Computer Back Syndrome

Working from my laptop comes with a lot of benefits. On days when my workload is lighter, I can spend extra time with my family. On days when my workload is heavier, I can work in seclusion without interruption for long periods of time. Some days I find myself agreeing with American novelist Jonathan Lethem […]

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How to Eat Healthier – Drinking Away Your Unwanted Pounds

In the 1980 film-version of Popeye, when the title character initially spits out his spinach, Poopdeck Pappy states, “Spinach is what kept our family strong for thousands of years!” I initially felt like Popeye when my neighbor offered to share her bumper crop of spinach with my family. Spinach is far from the list of […]

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Soothing Music: A Solution to your Stress Problem

So you’re Stressed No matter how big or small, we all have stress issues in our lives. Some tend to deal with it enjoying their hobbies and others, well others don’t get a chance or even if they do, they have almost forgotten how de-stress. For the men living in Victoria, sightseeing is a great […]

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How to Relieve Lower Back pain – Incorporating Exercise into Your Home Office

One of the things I love about working out of my home office is all the freedom it allows me to spend with my husband and our two teenage sons. But one of the things I disliked was the effect it had on my physical health. Because I could work any time I wanted, I […]

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How to Find Sciatica Relief – It’s Less Painful than You’d Think

When I began working long hours from my home office, the improper height of the chair I was using at my desk caused a tingling in the back of my leg. Sitting down made the pain worse. Within a couple of weeks, I developed a sharp pain in my lower spine whenever I sat or […]

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