Holistic Approach


          Integrate lifestyle approaches with the effects of nutrition, cleansing, exercise and environmental influences to enhance overall well being and prevent degeneration of the musculoskeletal and nervous system.

          Dr. Blaikie recognizes that there is an innate intelligence of energy within each individual body which not only forms us from two cells but regulates co-ordinates, repairs and heals the trillions of cells in the body. Each cell performs thousands of chemical reactions per second. The brain and nervous system are the main coordinating and distribution centre for the expression of this life force power.

          Proper co-ordination, locomotion, gait, motivation and genetic potential cannot be fully expressed when this life force power is compromised and blocked.

          In this office we utilize three sides of the triangle  of health: structure, biochemistry and energetics.

          You may be assessed for any combination of health restorative measures with the intention of making the changes your body is internally requesting and  guiding in how to best bring forth the changes to optimize your health and well being. In essence, we work together to help you remove the internal confusion, re-regulate the nervous system and to jumpstart and unleash your self healing potential to  bring you back into prominent health and vitality.

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